Still confused by all the fuss over today. Plus you’ve all got it the wrong way around; it’s 20/4!

It’s been great to see the recent development of Indigenous, by Kristof De Jaegar. My timeline loaded in the app for the first time just yesterday.

This means there are now four ways to access on Android: Web app, Diaolog, Indigenous, and Gluon.

It’s test-driven space adventuring.

@macgenie, re: Star Trek Voyager on The Weekly Review; Perspectives On Perspectives


Reminder that last week President Trump’s ban on transgender people in the military became the appalling reality he had promised to deliver two years ago.

this pocket of wind resistance

@bsag, Micro Monday: Episode 56

BSAG hit the nail directly on the head here and was great. Also, @macgenie, you and @manton both do a lot for lots of people. It’s probably not easy to see it right now but will become obvious over time.

If Apple are (rightfully) taking shit for broken keyboards, Samsung can also (rightfully) take shit for broken phones.

You fucking TEST internally, and then you SELL people an actual working product.

Spikes on trees in Oxford to ‘stop bird poo’

The height of English civilisation on display, that’s right, in Oxford.

Girls/Girls/Boys by Panic! At The Disco is great but my favourite thing is this:

Two years ago i came out to my sister by jumping out my room’s closet and throwing skittles at her while this song played in the back

les ortiz

Sometimes YouTube comments are brilliant. 😂

We always credit sources for news, tutorials, and other articles; we link to other websites profusely because the Open Web is a beauitful thing and because it’s the right thing to do;

@viticci, 10 Years of MacStories

MacStories is one of the few sources of news I read.

My recent announcement regarding the non-cancellation of TIL was soon followed by a bout of flu-like symptoms. It’s safe to say that between my previous break and this illness I have well and truly realised just how much I do want to do this. So that’s nice.