I’m Simon Woods, a 34 year-old carer (caregiver) from the UK. I live and work at home, with my amazing wife Claire and our two cats.

This is my site, Mumblings. It includes links to, and updates about my work. It is also home to my blog.


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Past Work

  • Revolutions
    • A fan-made RPG set in Bioware’s Dragon Age universe, which ran from 26th June 2011 to 24th October 2017.
  • Snapshot
    • My photo-blog

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This site is hosted on Micro.blog, by Manton Reece. Some CSS and HTML edits have been made by me, often with lots of help from the amazing people within the Micro.blog and IndieWeb communities; Core Assistance (by Justin Michael) in particular has been an excellent resource.

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