Computer Tolerances

I have been without a PC for a number or days now, having actively removed PC activity from my daily routines weeks ago. Essentially, my phone and my watch are my only computers.

As a result, I have learned that I never had a tolerance for lengthy reading on a small screen in the first place let alone having not developed such a thing ever since owning my first smartphone.

This is the first time in over a decade that I have not used a PC on a daily basis, and whilst I yearn for a tool with which to work on @til the fact remains that this process has cleared my mind of an unhealthy reliance on the web as my only source for information and, well, just about everything else.

I am looking forward to the continued rediscovering of the good habits from my pre-online life and developing a much better balance of my time and energy in the future, should I ever own a PC again.

(Note: either way, iOS remains an unreliable tool for lengthy writing and I doubt that will ever change for me, for a whole host of reasons)

macOS 11.0. They did that for @manton and @danielpunkass 😂

Just finished my first proper exercise session for months. After an hour of walking in summer heat it feels so very good to just feel my body doing what is needed. Also — water tastes even better! 💪🚶‍♂️

Somebody fetch the wrist physio for @cheri because 10k in a single session is a stunning feat of writing. 💪

I’m going to spend some time planning out my blogging over the weekend. There are specific ideas and subjects about which I would like to write, and it has become clear to me that I need to put some intentional effort into said writing if I’m going to publish anything at all.

I can’t get over that letter from Apple to Hey, especially that particular paragraph. It reeks of the worst accusations from Apple’s detractors; egotistical, cruel, deluded, almost dystopian in fact.

Baffled as to how that copy passed even a basic standard of editing.

I have a single hardware wish for the Apple keynote on Monday:

  • The rumoured 10.8 inch iPad Air. subscribers:

If Hey email was priced closer to subscriptions, would you consider it an appropriate value?

Imagine defending a $1.5 trillion company against the villainous behaviour of… /squints/ … independent developers?

I’ve thought of an ending for my book… ‘And he lived happily ever after… to the end of his days.’


Turns out it was a good thing for that Warren Ellis lost interest in the platform.

This is exactly why I was relieved to see the recent updates for stronger user-controlled moderation.

Safety + privacy controls on the timeline are table stakes.

Just quit Facebook.

— People for whom absolutist positions carry few, if any real consequences.

Definitely can’t rely on the iPad as my primary computer. Now begins the wait for the ability to afford a MacBook.

“What are we going to do, just change everything because some people got offended!?”

Yes. That’s exactly what we’re going to do because it’s fucking easy and costs NOTHING. Most importantly: you can’t change culture until you change the objects made within that culture.

As somebody who doesn’t have a particularly strong connection with Apple, it’s fascinating to see how their transition into Monopoly Microsoft is affecting different people within the Apple fan community.

It was interesting to see this conversation re: use of the ‘Master and Slave’ concept.

Look at how much energy is put into resisting change when it is considered for the sake of the downtrodden people in our society. In language alone.

Black Lives Matter CSS — Allison Valiquette

A t-shirt well suited for the tech crowd on! (h/t @JohnPhilpin)

I miss working on Today I Learned. However, I’ve finally made progress on re-shaping my schedule for my primary jobs (carer and home-maker) and now have a different POV:

Working on Today I Learned will be a reward, a project I can work on once my day jobs are in better shape.

Me: I’m likely to stop playing video games pretty soon tbh.

Annapurna: We’re publishing a game in which you play as a cat.

Me: … damn it.

One of the reasons the independent web will fail against FACEBOOK is that too many of its loudest proponents spend little-to-no effort in talking about why people use FACEBOOK.

Your argument carries no weight when it is vague and includes sweeping generalisations.

🎮 Video game confession (h/t @zorn):

Apart from Uncharted 4, I doubt we’ll buy anymore games. Currently playing through a bunch we had gradually bought over the past two years but after that I might be done with digital games altogether.

Challenge! @Gabz @burk @dominikhoecht

Imagine putting more effort into caring about keeping a statue standing than, you know, questioning our life-destroying behaviour.

I just copied text from my iPhone to my iPad. ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED.

The USA frightens me more than the pandemic.

Over the past two months I’ve transitioned from a desktop-PC computer user to an iPad-only computer user. This was a very good decision to make, since I am now much happier in general.

A lot of other things also happened at the same time but this change has been important.